Unstructured Data

Time for a new approuch …

  • When more than 80% of your data unstructured is,
  • and 75% is not being consulted,
  • isn’t it time for a new and different approach?


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Time for the best
Tivoli Storage Manager

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Time for easy to
use TSM reports?






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Manage lots of
TSM servers?

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Storage and data management products, Your business relies on information. Information about who your customers are, what motivates them, and how to meet their needs.


PLCS activities include consultancy and maintenance for Storage management and Storage Area Network ( SAN). Storage Management becomes more and more important.


Good advice is worth its weight in gold so they say, this is certainly the case with data storage. It's not just about valuable company data and customer information, but all too often about the large amount of data.


We can you with independent advice,. We offer several services for your storage management. We have a lot of expertise from small to very large enviornments.



PLCS is a software supplier with extensive general storage expertise and TSM in particular ...  

The Hague Region

PLCS, our supplier is not a supplier in the traditional form. They really think along with us ...

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