Unstructured Data

Time for a new approuch …

  • When more than 80% of your data unstructured is,
  • and 75% is not being consulted,
  • isn’t it time for a new and different approach?


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Time for the best
Tivoli Storage Manager

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Time for easy to
use TSM reports?






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Manage lots of
TSM servers?

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Storage and data management products, Your business relies on information. Information about who your customers are, what motivates them, and how to meet their needs. If that information is lost or corrupted, you could be out of business……so protecting it should be your highest priority.


PLCS activities include consultancy and maintenance for Storage management and Storage Area Network ( SAN). Storage Management becomes more and more important. New users, new applications, e-commerce and the growth of data in general ask a lot of you, your companies system administrator, and your storage environment. We will deliver solutions, make prognoses, and we'll help you deal effeciently with all that is needed concerning your data. All our consultants are certified and have years of experience.


Good advice is worth its weight in gold so they say, this is certainly the case with data storage. It's not just about valuable company data and customer information, but all too often about the large amount of data. New technologies seem cheaper and certainly faster, but putting it into service can be very costly, good advice as consultancy is an essential part. Our recommendations always aim for the best solution, but keeping costs and operating purposes in mind. Imagine for example migrating data from as many as 10,000 tapes to new media, fortunately we have never experienced this kind of nightmare by using the IBM backup products. We specialize in data storage solutions and we are knowlegble about developments on various platforms and technologies such as virtualization and application of data deduplication and compression. Our consulting methodology is always based on clear objectives to be realized. In the end we like to conduct fair business with concrete agreements. The consultancy services are the basis for our company. From architecture to implementation, we fulfill all these services independently or in cooperation with our partners.


At our company in Hendrik Ido Ambacht we have a great location with our own facilities to train people and give workshops. We familiarize people with systems like Tivoli Storage Manager and other storage management products. Besides workshops and training we give people the opportunity to get to know a product via one day session in which we'll let them see and experience all the possibilities a product has. Through our extenisive network we are also very able to get you and your employees the specific training you need. Fot example a UNIX training combimed with Training for TSM. Ask for information at any time.



PLCS is a software supplier with extensive general storage expertise and TSM in particular ...  

The Hague Region

PLCS, our supplier is not a supplier in the traditional form. They really think along with us ...

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