Mission Statement


PLCS objective is the integration of information infrastructures. PLCS is your partner for the design, build, supply and maintenance of information infrastructures. Based on many years of experience PLCS is a specialized knowledge organization which, in combination with high quality products from our suppliers, is capable of realizing flexible and stable information infrastructures and seamlessly integrating these in your existing IT infrastructure. PLCS has no partner agreements in place with any vendor. This enables us to offer you solutions which are based on high quality products.

To strive to support improvement, through technology, within a customer’s data storage environment by delivering optimization, migration and backup solutions on time, within budget and to each client’s customized requirements.

PLCS B.V., is a leading provider of data back-up software solutions for the market. The company offers a complete suite of software products, and services that solve today’s backup, archive and disaster recovery challenges once and for all.


Our vision is to provide industry-leading software product solutions to the market to solve backup, archive and disaster recovery issues once and for all.

Mission Statement

PLCS ongoing mission is to help our customers simplify backup of their data in an environment of ever-increasing complexity. The hallmarks of our solutions are turn-key implementation, simplicity of administration through automation and improved uptime through an innovative support approach delivered by highly qualified solution engineers. PLCS solutions significantly reduce operating expense, minimize risk and easily adapt to changing business and technology landscapes.

Since our inception in 1999, we have strived to our founder’s goal of providing a ‘quality of life’ to storage professionals, while ensuring the utmost success of every project initiative. PLCS is committed to introducing and implementing an elevated level of creativity, professionalism, and possibility with regard to storage optimization initiatives. We believe that the mundane, labor-intensive methodologies heavily relied upon in today’s marketplace are archaic and cumbersome to delivery personnel. Therefore, we focus on streamlining processes and driving automation in order to empower our clients to realize completely successful optimization and result-driven decision making. You cannot manage what you cannot measure, and your backup is your data lifeline. It is one of the most important IT components to manage.

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