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These days it requires some acrobatics to store the large amounts of data. We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your storage infrastructure, including operation and costs, and apply it to your specific business objectives.

Our Storage Economics Service maps the true cost of your storage infrastructure. The difference between price (CAPEX) and cost (OPEX) is clear. This service often goes hand in hand with other available services that focus on research into your infrastructure. In order to get a full understanding.

Financial statement

This service focuses on the budgetary side of your storage infrastructure. By using the developed model we can give you an indication of the possible savings within one day. In addition, this service is also available in the form of a mini workshop, in two days working out some of the costs categories.
The full service shows a more detailed and reasoned cost analysis that can be used to substantiate a (financial) business case.

Years of experience

Over a period of years we have collected information from dozens of customers. This information has been divided into the tools that we use in these services. We understand that every customer and market of PLCS is different but at the same time we are convinced that the law of large numbers also is in effect within these services. The knowledge and experience in this area help to give you a clear picture of the current and possible future costs for storing your information.

Curious about the possibilities of the storage economics service for your area? Contact us today, we will be glad to assist you.

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