Architecture advice

PLCS gives organizations and institutions advice when developing an IT infrastructure architecture with an emphasis on data management, application data optimization, virtualization, big data and cloud issues.
The complexity of the IT environment has greatly increased in recent years. The call for less complex, more flexible IT infrastructures at lower cost requires insight and years of proven IT knowledge and experience. Being able to apply new and improved technologies is a profession in its own right.

Architecture advice services

Our services can cover the definition of a more global blueprint and/or roadmap of your architecture, but can also specifically focus on parts of the infrastructure. In the architecture area , the emphasis is on documenting a global- or detail design supported by you.
Each advisory process starts with a good inventory of the current (storage) architecture and the business & it requirements. We also take external variables into account such as local laws & regulations. This is all put into a report which will be used as a basis.

Storage Architecture advice

An investment in a wrong storage system can be an expensive execise, leading to disgruntled users, slow applications or worse. Every day our storage architects and specialists concerned with the interpretation of often strategic storage issues.
Our knowledge and experience of most storage vendors (CISCO, Dell, EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp, Oracle) and products we are able to provide you custom build advice. In addition to central storage, backup and archiving issues, we have extensive experience designing and implementing disaster recovery scenarios. Together with you we develop the most appropriate storage architecture based on the current and future needs of business and management organisation.
PLCS has successfully accompanied various customers in the field of storage architecture. This always from a pragmatic vision, focused on the long term (3-5 years), cost efficient and appropriate IT in the culture and history of the company.

Fresh look

Curious about the possibilities for your environment? Want a fresh look at your IT architecture including sound advice? Contact us today, we will be happy to assist you.

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