Good advice is worth its weight in gold so they say, this is certainly the case with data storage. It’s not just about valuable company data and customer information, but all too often about the large amount of data.

New technologies seem cheaper and certainly faster, but putting it into service can be very costly, good advice as consultancy is an essential part. Our recommendations always aim for the best solution, but keeping costs and operating purposes in mind.

Imagine for example migrating data from as many as 10,000 tapes to new media, fortunately we have never experienced this kind of nightmare by using the right products.

We specialize in data storage solutions and we are knowlegble about developments on various platforms and technologies such as virtualization and application of data deduplication and compression.

Our consulting methodology is always based on clear objectives to be realized. In the end we like to conduct fair business with concrete agreements.

The consultancy services are the basis for our company. From architecture to implementation, we fulfill all these services independently or in cooperation with our partners.

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