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PLCS Reporter Recommendation

Kurt Beyers, (Team lead databases) says the following: “PLCS is a software supplier with extensive general storage expertise and TSM in particular. Furthermore, they listen to the customers story and respond to specific questions. This results in a good co-operation and software such as PLCS Reporter.

PLCS Reporter is the software of choice in a complex TSM environment, it includes the following purposes:

– A quick health check of the TSM environment using customizable HTML reports

– An in-depth analysis of the TSM server activity so any gaps that otherwise only later come to light, can be proactively resolved

– Various reports such as running backups according to the agreed SLAs and which TSM nodes are the major consumers …

The software is also regularly updated with the expertise of PLCS, in other projects gained and is compatible with the latest TSM version 6.3. “

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