TSM Basic

Learning ...The TSM basic training course is the first of two PLCS courses (TSM basic and advanced), duration of this course is 3 days. This course is mainly a hands-on training where theory, implementation and administration of data management with Tivoli Storage Manager are handled.

The course starts with a piece of basic fundamental TSM knowledge. Followed by a hands-on section, installation and configuration of the TSM server. The configuration of the TSM server covers subject like: TSM database and logs, creating storage hierarchies of storage pools and defining policy domains.

The course then continues with the installation of the TSM backup archive client and the configuration of this component.

Subsequently TSM server subjects including: usage of disk systems, tape drives and tape library configurations. Followed by TSM administrative scheduling and daily housekeeping.

The course is conducted on the Windows platform but TSM knowledge is applicable to all platforms. Prior knowledge of TSM is not necessary. General IT knowledge is required.

After completing the basic course the trainee will have command of TSM management principles and will be able to install and configure a Tivoli Storage Manager server and backup-archive client. In addition, the student will be able to navigate the administrative command interfaces. Creating and managing storage hierarchies and have knowledge of how to define file retention policies. The student will be able to perform daily checks of TSM server housekeeping and client backups.[/tab]

76478-zzper-inhuren-stappenplanThis course discusses the design and implementation of a TSM environment, the installation and configuration of both client and server software.

Subjects in the course are:

  • TSM overview
  • TSM Server installation
  • TSM Server configuration
  • Server Options File
  • Administrative Client Command Line, Administrative Web Interface
  • Server Utilities
  • TSM Server components
  • Administrators
  • Storage Pools
  • Policy Domains
  • Client Node registration
  • Database and Recovery Log
  • TSM Windows client installation
  • TSM Windows client configuration
  • Client Options File
  • File Backup
  • File Restore
  • Client Scheduling
  • Administrative Schedules
  • Libraries, Drives and Device Classes
  • TSM Administration Interfaces
  • Backup of the TSM Database
  • Backup of the Storage Pools
  • Checking In and Out Volumes
  • Practical exercises, design and implementation[/tab]
Target IT professionals and administrators of TSM products
Required knowledge Basic IT knowledge
Course duration 3 days
Number of students 4 minimum – 6 maximum
Price € 1.500 incl. course book and lunches

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