TSM class onsite

We offer you the ability to come onsite and teach a TSM class at your location. This is a great opportunity to teach several people of your staff or multiple people in several departments. We offer this on both our basic as advanced classes. (with or without certification exams). We make sure there is a classroom with equipment and can if you wish integrate daily operational management in the class materials (like your own procedures and ITIL changes).

Your advantage: less travel, more focus and a tailored training to fit your specific request.

We can deliver this also based on two days a week in a 3 of 4 weeks timeframe. Obvious we have to expenses to cover like travel and such, but we are very flexible.

You need at least 4 participants or more. Starting from 6 participants we offer this starting from 9.999,00 euro! (including training material, excluding equipment).

We teach worldwide and have experience in teaching classes in several countries around the globe. We can teach in Dutch, English and German languages.

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