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Your business relies on information, information is data, data which you store on storage systems you can trust. Storage is our key driver for business for more than 20 years.

Information about who your customers are, what motivates them, and how to meet their needs. If that information is lost or corrupted, you could be out of business … so protecting it should be your highest priority.

Traditional back-up and restore systems are not enough anymore: you will need a comprehensive data management system. Information management is the discipline that analyses, controls, distributes, protects, and restores information as an organizational resource.

It monitors and evaluates all the data an organization requires in order to function and to progress effectively. There’s a lot more to information management than simply backup and recovery. Storage products provides a solution that enables companies to confidently deploy, access, share and protect information.

We can help you eliminate individual platform management products and consolidate all storage management products and its management in itself, into a single multi-functional solution.

Adding Storage Management Is a Smart Move

As prices continue to fall at rates that exceed 35 percent per year, storage purchases have never been greater. In fact, if you total all devices that store and access data, more storage was purchased in 1999 than in all prior years combined, bringing the worlds data storage to more than 1,000 petabytes (one million terabytes).

Global connectivity is largely responsible for such impressive growth. Electronic business, from e-mail through complete supply chain management, has helped to stimulate today’s eights-fold annual increase in corporate data volumes. The aggressive price point makes more complex storage networks to provide fault tolerance and recovery a reality for all companies regardless of their size or their budgets. This evolution moves us away from the traditional “hardware-centric” computing model to todays “data centric” storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS).

Like all devices, however, storage is only as efficient as its management throughout the information Gird. Where is information located? How can it be stored to be readily accessible to anyone who needs it, regardless of platform, regardless of location? These are just a few of the challenges Storage Management can help you solve.

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