Managed Recovery

Scalable recovery- and disaster recovery services

What is Managed Recovery?

Managed Recovery consists of scalable cloud services that enables organizations to outsource their backup, disaster recovery and recovery in a safe and effective way. Managed Recovery has been developed, by PLCS, based on years of experience.

The solution uses hard- and software from IBM, as well as the PLCS software products “Reporter for TSM” and Process Manager for TSM.

IBM has fully certified our solution after an extensive evaluation and testing period.

Managed Recovery has been decorated twice by IBM with: Ready for Tivoli and as a validated TSM Cloud Solution in the program: Backed up by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

At present there are only five companies in the world with this full certification! (In the Netherlands, PLCS is the only one!).

Managed Recovery ensures continuity of critical business processes in case of an emergency, applications and data are available shortly.

This solution is unique, capacity based and on demand, taking care of your storage needs. You pay for what you use, without prior hard- or software investments!

Our leaflet can be downloaded here in low- and high resolution (Dutch).

Services Overview Managed Recovery

Current reporting On screen summary reports of historical data
Daily monitoring Daily monitoring and recovery of your backup and disaster recovery products
Trend analysis and capacity Analysis of future storage capacity needed
Backup and Recovery On-site backup server backs up all critical data and then copies data to 2nd
Disaster recovery Ready for the unexpected, which is essential
Audit reporting and chargeback Compliance with SLA
RPO and RTO Service Catalog Design Maximum allowable loss with respect to time and dates
Application discovery and chain Automatic detection of installed software
Scalable and modular Full recovery of the ICT service together with you or restore of the data asdesired and in accordance with agreements made
Backup of: Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, VMWare, HyperV (more than 45 different operating systems and applications).

Integrated services and management are the core of the solution

Because of almost complete digitization of organizations, this brings many new possibilities and opportunities but also new risks. Loss of data and / or business critical information can be a serious threat to business continuity.

The preservation and safeguarding of that data is of unmeasurableimportance. Even more because the amount of data is rapidly increasing in an unprecedented ways. Inter alia, due to provision of services that are digitized on a large scale.

Even the increase of Social Media plays a role. It provides a larger communication range and more discerning customers. If your customer service is not available for only a moment, you might make it to the news. Reputation damage may be irrevocable, because customer satisfaction should take into account within every organization.

Managed recovery is the ideal solution, we manage your fallback providing daily backup activities.

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