Cristie TBMR

Product Summary

CBMR – Cristie Bare Machine Recovery is a free standing backup and recovery product which provides a simple cost effective solution for backing up data files and ensuring that servers can be rapidly recovered.  It provides an ideal solution for protecting the branch operations of large organisations such as retailers, banks, petrol stations, travel agents etc and is used by the world’s largest retailer.  CBMR is re-sold globally by PLCS as Value Added Reseller.

Cristie TBMR – Bare Machine Recovery for TSM works exclusively with TSM to provide fast automated recovery of servers direct from normal TSM backups in the event of a failure or corruption of the OS or machine.  Cristie TBMR is resold globally by PLCS as the BMR solution for IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) users.

TBMR for Windows provides fast, reliable and automated recovery for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

  • multiple servers can be recovered simultaneously
  • operating systems can be restored to any point in time provided by TSM
  • Microsoft Dynamic Disk volume support
  • backups and restores performed by Tivoli, retaining the features and advantages of that software
  • supports Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008 R2 (32bit and 64bit, Core and non-Core, where applicable)


TBMR for Linux has been fully developed to run on Linux distributions such as Redhat and SuSE—kernel version 2.4 and above

  • dissimilar hardware support
  • supports recovery of dynamic volumes
  • backups can be encrypted and/or compressed
  • IDE, SCSI, SATA and Fibre channel
  • 32bit and 64bit IBM p-Series supported
Demo of recovery of a Linux machine using Cristie TBMR


TBMR for Solaris fully supports Solaris versions 8 and above, Solaris Volume Manager ( Solaris 9 and 10 ) and Sun Solstice Disksuite ( Solaris 8 )

  • logical volume and RAID software support
  • flexible process for fast recovery
  • boot either from custom-built CD or from network using PXE
  • enables rapid recovery to an identical state


TBMR for HP-UX is suitable for PA-RISC systems running HP-UX version 11.00 & 11.11 (32 or 64bit) and Itanium systems running HP-UX version 11.23 & 11.31 (64bit only)

  • command line (curses) based interface
  • local volume support


TBMR for AIX provides a file-based backup and disaster recovery system for AIX 5.1 and above.

  • boot either from CD or network using PXE/NIM
  • dissimilar hardware support
  • backups can be encrypted and compressed
  • file-by-file backup, no disk image


TBMR disaster recovery software provides fast and automated recovery direct from Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM®). TBMR allows users to recover their operating system directly from a TSM backup to similar or dissimilar hardware

  • Fully integrated with TSM
  • Rebuild a server OS in under ten minutes
  • Uses the TSM backups for Disaster Recovery
  • Multiple servers can be recovered simultaneously

here you can find the TBMR data sheets or look at for more information

TBMR is the ONLY software that can recover direct from the TSM server without doing a separate backup!