IBM Tivoli Storage Management

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager: Storage management software that automates data backup and restore functions

Achieve a dynamic storage infrastructure with recovery management, virtualization, and storage resource management. To stay ahead of the tidal wave of data while reducing costs, improving service levels and mitigating risks.

Download here the Tivoli Storage Manager data sheets:

Datasheet Tivoli Storage Manager overview: TSM_DataSheet
Datasheet Unified Recovery: TSMUR-Data-Sheet

Leverage next-generation data storage and recovery management capabilities Maximize the availability of health data while minimizing storage costs.

IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager software provides a wide range of storage management capabilities from a single point of control, helping companies ride the information tidal wave.

  • Help simplify the protection and management of your data, even as it continues to grow exponentiall
  • Address business continuity by helping to shorten backup and recovery times and helping to maximize application availability with advanced data recovery management technologies
  • Employ data de-duplication and a hierarchy of storage to help increase efficiencies and conserve resources
  •  Help enhance data security with innovative access and encryption features
  • Help adapt to changes within the IT infrastructure to minimize service disruptions and speed restorations and backups
  • Help control storage management costs with ease-of-use features and integration with IBM network attached storage (NAS) products
  • Increase visibility into the data protection environment by providing advanced features for operational monitoring and historical reporting

Product movie of IBM’s solution to backup VMWare virtual machines:


We are top specialists in TSM for many years, our background started at Adstar OS/2 and since then we are part of many product beta programs. We work every day with TSM and TSM related products. However it takes to much work to publish all IBM TSM products on our website.

For all the IBM product details and specifications we kindly ask you to visit the IBM website. There you find all details. For any advise on TSM products we are your partner, do get in touch for a personal advise regarding the IBM TSM product portfolio. We offer knowledge, education on the complete product portfolio regarding IBM TSM family of products. (including TDP products, FastBack and all the other modules).[/tab] [tab name=’Documentation’]

Download IBM Tivoli Storage Manager data sheet:

Tivoli Storage Manager Data Sheet
Tivoli Storage Manager Unified Recovery DataSheet

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager features

The IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) family of offerings offers a wide range of features supporting centralized, automated data protection that can help reduce the risks associated with data loss while helping to manage costs, reduce complexity and address compliance with regulatory data retention requirements.

Detailed information about these features including platform and version information is available online in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager publications.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager features



Active data storage pools Allows optimized access to active versions for faster restores. The active version storage pools can be populated at backup time or after backups complete.
Active directory support Provides for the un-deletion (reanimation) of objects from Active Directory’s tombstone.
Administrator Center/ Administrator User interface Task-orientated interface to manage one or more TSM servers
API Allows for critical online backup services to data-intensive applications
Archive Helps quickly and easily retrieve archived data, helping effectively extend your data storage capabilities without the need for more expensive online storage
Backup Sets (rapid restores or instant archives) Provides the ability to create a backup set that consolidates a client’s files onto a set of media that is portable and may be directly readable by the clients’ system for fast, LAN-free (non-networked) restore operations
Bare Machine Restore (bare metal restore) Restores the operating system of Windows, Sun™, Linux, HP and AIX
Central Administration The Integrated Solutions Console (ISC) enables Unified Recovery Management across multiple Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack, Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager and Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack for Workstations instances.
Checksum Adds an additional layer of data verification between the TSM server and client running in unstable hardware environments
Cluster Support Support for HACMP®, Windows MSCS and Novell NCS
Collocation Groups Takes the grouping of individual clients’ data a step further by enabling you to specify that particular clients’ data should reside on their own tape or set of tapes
Compression Clients can choose to have their data compressed prior to being sent to the TSM server to help conserve bandwidth
Continuous Data Protection Back up files the second they close or are saved
Data Shredding Destroys sensitive data objects when deleted or moved, preventing undesirable data discovery. Data that resided in random access disk storage pools can be overwritten up to 10 times.
Deduplication Source-side data deduplication reduces the amount of data sent over the network to the TSM Server. Post-process, target-side data deduplication at the TSM server reduces the capacity needed in disk storage pools. Both features use variable block-level techniques.
DB2® Online Backup Makes use of our client API for backup and recovery without additional software or licensing requirement
Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM) Creates a disaster recovery plan and facilitates the tracking of off-site volumes. The plan contains detailed recovery steps and automated computer scripts.
Dynamic Multi-Threaded Transfer Improves backup and restore rates by transparently optimizing the number of TSM sessions based on available system resources
Electronic Vaulting Sends one TSM server’s off-site backups or database backups to another TSM server via the network
Encryption Allows for the files that will be backed up or archived to be encrypted before being sent to the TSM server Offers device-level encryption managed by TSM
Enterprise Error Logging Allows TSM servers to forward their events and those of their clients to a server designated as the event server, thereby consolidating events from groups of TSM servers and clients
Enterprise Configuration and Policy Management Allows TSM configuration and policy information to be defined one time at a TSM configuration server and then propagated to any number of managed TSM servers
Journal based backup Expedites backups by continually recording the names of changed or new files, so that there is no need to scan a file-system prior to a backup.
Image Backup Complements progressive incremental backups to provide full file system backup and restores
VMWare Consolidated Backup (VCB) Consolidated Backup is a backup solution for ESX Server + SAN. Uses a single agent on the proxy server rather than an agent on every virtual machine. Manages virtual machine’s backup data as if it had been backed up by a TSM client installed on virtual machine.Offers both file level and image level backup.
HSM (Hierarchal Space Management) Moves inactive data off of production machines to free online disk space for important active data
Individual Mailbox (IMR) Restore and item level recovery Provides Individual Mailbox Restore and item level recovery from Microsoft® Exchange
Import/Export Over LAN Allows for the migration of TSM servers with server-to-server migration or load balancing among servers with incremental network export/import using a TCP/IP connection between same or differing platforms
Include/Exclude Lists Lists that customize which files are considered for backup or archive
Macros, scripts and command line control Enables for the processing of customized procedures from macros or scripts
Monitoring and Reporting Provides near time monitoring and historical reporting of one or more TSM servers. The monitor and reports can be used as provided or customized.
NDMP backup of NAS devices. Full, differential and image level backup of NAS devices lan-free and server free utilizing NDMP.
NFS/CIFS support Allows for NFS/CIFS mounted devices to be backed up with the TSM client.
Off-site Copies (backup copies) Continues to track the off-site volumes’ content, so if a tape has to be brought back on-site because the original tape failed or because the data on it has expired, TSM will let the admin know
Open File Backup Allows for the backup of files that are open
Image Backup Complements progressive incremental backups to provide full file system backup and restores
Progressive Incremental Backup Backs up only files that have changed or that are new, eliminating unnecessary data transfers that rob your network and CPUs of vital power and productivity
SQL® Interface SQL support for queries against the TSM server database
Synchronous Off-Site Backups Create an off-site backup at the same time the primary backup is taken
Volume /File system Level Backup Allows for faster recovery
Web based clients and administration interface Simple, familiar interface reduces training time and can increase productivity
Windows Certification – Active Directory® Schema Extension Active Directory Schema Extension Information: Allows TSM server connection information to be published by a TSM server and to be dynamically looked up by Tivoli Storage Manager BA clients
Microsoft Exchange support VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Services) requestor interface to drive the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services for backup and recovery of Exchange Server databases. Individual mailbox restore gives backup flexibility down to the user level
Windows SCSI and Fibre Failover Allows for the failover of SCSI and Fibre attached devices being used by the TSM server in a Windows clustered, AIX/HACMP and Veritas cluster server environment
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