Media Manager for TSM

What is Media Manager?

A great product to handle your tapes and tape library management. We give you a priceworth, all-in one solution for your tapemanagement. Media Manager for TSM is engineered and developed by PLCS!

What does Media Manager offer?

Media Manager for TSM works with a USB or keyboard attached barcode scanner. Using a barcode scanner you don’t have to type information but you can simply scan the media barcodes.

Media Manager for TSM is an efficient tool for managing and handling tapes. Lost or damaged tapes, we all know what a nuisance it can be, and what a terrible economic losses can be caused by the mishandling of your priceless data. With Media Manager for TSM you won’t face the problem of lost tapes. You will always be able to locate tapes with the help of Media Manager for TSM.
Media Manager uses the IBM TSM Disaster Recovery Manager to maintain the volume states of your tapes. Media Manager for TSM is an enhancement to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Media Manager seamlessly interfaces with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

Features of Media Manager

Some of the following features with Media Manager are available:

  • Enterprise wide tape search scan, one scan and Media Manager checks all your servers for a tape history!
  • Automatic detection and retrieval of vaulted volumes for restoring destroyed tapes.
  • Processing of primary pool volumes (checkout/checkin)
  • Vaulting of tapes without DRM.
  • Email via SMTP of reports and messages (in future also DRM PLAN).
  • Counts available slots in the library for tracking of empty volumes.
  • Specify which database backup (Full/Incremental/Snapshot/None) you like to move offsite.
  • Enhanced error recovery of onsite and offsite tapes.
  • Web based central reporting in html of multiple sites.
  • Overview of settings in Media Manager in HTML form.
  • Checkout only FULL primary volumes from library (for example TDP data tapes and archives).
  • Connect with one GUI to multiple ITSM instances for DRM actions to perform.
  • Restore a destroyed (onsite) volume with track & trace.
  • Checkout only full volumes for DRM.

Where to get media manager?

Are you looking for a RESELLER.

Media Manager for TSM is certified by IBM as “Ready for Tivoli” software:

Where can I find more information?

Download our data sheet for more information. Media Manager DataSheet

Download here our PDF flyer. customer brochure Media Manager english

Download here the product presentation mediamanager presentatie (customers) v3_2