Process Manager for TSM

In a larger enterprise environment, scheduling the daily chores for your TSM servers becomes harder and harder. Tasks failing due to a temporarily lack of tape drives become a fact of life.

Users are complaining that they either can’t restore or have to wait for ages for a restore to finish; this is becoming more common as your environment expands.

The solution is so simple, if only you had a central scheduler that would keep track of all of your drives and all of your running processes! Now, with Process Manager all of your scheduling problems are a part of the past. Working with a user-defined set of policies, all of your housekeeping tasks are performed as efficiently as possible.

Process Manager TSM for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) automatically detects all of your TSM servers and storage pools and, based on user-defined policies, automatically performs all of the daily chores. Fully automated admin jobs / housekeeping.

With multiple TSM servers, you always have:

  • Too few drives during the day
  • Processes failing over busy drives
  • Processes locking drives for hours while waiting for a second drive
  • Restore sessions waiting for a drive for ages, pre-empting important housekeeping or just failing
  • Lots of drives available at other times
  • EG: sub-optimal scheduling


  • Complaining users
  • Complaining managers
  • Overworked TSM administrators
  • Inefficient usage of drives
  • To many expensive drives in an environment not optimal used

The solution is ProcessManager for TSM:

  • Central scheduling of housekeeping tasks
  • Priority based scheduling
  • Central monitoring of available resources
  • Always enough drives for the tasks to be started
  • Allows you to reserve a drive for emergencies

No more:

  • complaining users and managers
  • babysitting the TSM server housekeeping


One of the most obvious effects of a growing TSM environment is the increase in time it takes to manage all TSM servers. A lot of that time is spend on managing the daily housekeeping, making sure that everything has worked as expected. With Process Manager, you only need to investigate those events that have failed, allowing you to focus on those things that really matter.

With its automatic configuration, Process Manager TSM automatically detects newly installed TSM servers, newly added storage pools and newly installed drives in your library and automatically adjusts for the changes in your environment.

Depending on your preferences, Process Automation logs the results of its activities in file, e-mail of on the console. Additionally you can configure a TCP/IP service that can be used to monitor the progress live from any remote system.

Read more in our data sheet here. ProcessManager was developed by PLCS!

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