General description of TSMManager

The purpose of TSMManager is to monitor the state and manage the objects of TSM servers. It consists of:

  • A central collector part that is in charge of all communication with up to 30 TSM servers.
  • A viewer part that can be installed on multiple PC’s and supplies the user interface.
  • A builtin webserver that allows easy access to pulling lists for the vaulting function.

Data gathering

The collector collects 2 types of data : A 14 day statistic with measurements taken every 15 minutes that shows:

  • Diskpool usage
  • Number of running sessions
  • Log usage

A up to date day statistic with measurements taken every 24 hours that shows:

  • Database usage
  • Total data amount stored, per tapepool and per node
  • Schedule success rates
  • Occupancy for each node
  • Data amount backed up daily per node
  • Number of files backed up daily per node
  • Elapse time for daily backup per node
  • Network transfer rate per node during backupTotal number of volumes used
  • Number of volumes used per tapepool
  • Daily total data amount backed up, archived and restored

TSMManager has more than 50 different views of what is happening in the TSM server. Some are display only, but most will allow you to perform any TSM commands on the objects displayed. Just right click in the window to get a popup menu with the possible commands. All displays can be printed and/or saved to file in WMF or commaseparated format.

TSMManager prices:

Contact us for prices. We offer great value for money if you need more than one TSMManager license! Base price 3.000,00 euro and 1.500,00 euro for additional licenses with a cheaper discount the more you order. We also deliver installation and training – walk thru education. We know the product as we use it ourselves.

Link to manual in PDF

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