Efficiently protect hybrid environments:

  • Flexible retention policies for source and target
  • Up to 10x improvement in deduplication (V6 vs V7)
  • Heterogeneous, application aware snapshot support
  • Automatic failover for client recovery
  • Automatic repair of damaged files or volumes

Fast & flexible recovery of VMs:

  • Multiple recovery options using single-source backup
  • Instantly access or recover VMs and perform file level restores
  • Granular protection and recovery (datastore/image/volume/file)
  • Incremental forever for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Fully integrated recovery experience in vSphere

Data Protection Simplification:

  • Prescriptive blueprints for deployment
  • Centralized visibility and control
  • Mid Market packaging and pricing
  • Front End capacity licensing
  • Portal for cloud deployment and management

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