About PLCS

logo-plcs-klein.gifPLCS is a vibrant and specialized company (founded in 1999) with focus on providing high quality consultancy services related to Disater Recovery topics. We became known as experts on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Beside IBM products we also deliver other backup storage solutions. Not every company wants or needs an enterprise backup solution. Sometimes enough is perfect.

PLCS has become a respected player in the storage market in the recent years, with many years of experience in a variety of vertical markets, such as government, financial institutions, telecom and utilities industry. Delivering expert advice to your employees and organization, aiding your organization with the implementation of your storage solution.

PLCS organizes basic and advanced Tivoli Storage Manager training courses. We have our own extensive training center with 8 student workstations.

We have a large demo lab where it is possible to simultaneously work on different solutions, we have sufficient equipment available (SAN, tape libraries, Intel-based Servers, AIX, etc.). In this demo lab we have several Proof of Concepts available, where we demo several solutions (e.g. email archiving, IBM Tivoli Storage Management products).

PLCS develops in-house products around IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, that simplify use and management of TSM.

Our “Ready for Tivoli” certified products are:

  • Media Manager for TSM 
A solution to manage tapes within a TSM environment is largely automated with the use of barcode scanners.
  • Reporter for TSM
Ebusiness intelligence and data warehousing that can be generate detailed reports about your TSM environment. It provides proactive management with respect to, for example, capacity management.
  • Process Manager for TSM
TSM solution for larger TSM environments automating administrative tasks. Excellent utilization of all disk and tape resources, no more need for manual intervention.


To provide customers with the best possible service, PLCS provides some unique services such as:

  • Call units, a possibility for remote support on your TSM environment
  • Site survey, a TSM enviromnent Health Check (an analysis of the customers complete storage environment)

We provide a high quality level in all our consultancy and support services. PLCS performs its services on a project approach, based on a Statement Of Work (SOW).

PLCS is a reseller for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software licenses and other third party products (e.g. Cristie, TSMmanager, Docave, VEEAM).

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